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This duplexer is available in a low band version, tunable with in 138 - 156 MHz and a high band version, tunable with 152 - 175 MHz. These models are again delivered in 3 sub models, each dedicated to work with a certain duplex spacing.

They are primarily intended foe equipment, where the TX and RX operate on single frequencies, but they can also , however with slightly reduced data, be used where the TX and RX operate on several channels, i.e. within a certain port bandwidth. In the last case, factory tuning is recommended.

The RF filter has very small physical dimensions owing to the use of high - Q, temperature compensated, helical resonators.

The housing is made of extruded aluminium, the chassis of passivated steel, and teflon insulation has been applied in the rigid coaxial cables and in the connectors. The filter is black vinyl coated to prevent corrosion.