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Lan Antennas (WIFI & 1.2-2.4 GHz)

1- 2.4GHz 3dB insulated TNC 0540

1- 2.4GHz 3dB insulated SMA 0541

2.4 GHz 1/2 Wave SMA 6200

2.4 GHz 1/2 Wave SMA 6203

2.4 GHz Compact λ/2 SMA 6206

1.4 GHz Sleeved Dipole
TNC 0544 >>

2.4 GHz Sleeved Dipole TNC 0548

1- 6GHz WIFI-WIMAX Base Station

Omni Directional

(VHF, UHF & 869 MHz)

UHF Ground Plane Antennae 0706

End Fed Dipole

Clip On Dipole 0390

Ground Plane Independent λ/2 0058

BNC Flexible 1/4 Wave 0506

Helical with 3mm stud 0535

Helical with SMA 0536

Helical with BNC 0537

1/4 Wave sleeved SMA 0539

Helical with SMA 0562

1/4 wave with SMA 0563

Professional 3dBd

Directional (68 - 470 MHz)

Three Element Yagi

Eight Element Yagi


Coaxial Cables and Connectors

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Sleeved Dipole Antenna at 1.4 GHz 0544 >>

This antenna is ground plane independent as it is a centre fed sleeve dipole and is waterproofed by being covered with polyolefin heat shrink tubing.

It was designed for medium range video link applications in adverse conditions where a small, unobtrusive and weatherproof antenna is required.






50 Ohms nominal

Return loss

Better than -16dB at

1389-1399 MHz

Vertical Beamwidth


Maximum Power

10 Watts continuous




TNC Male


150 mm approx


Brass, silver plated




1.4 ghz antenna dipole


We do a version of our collinear antenna on 1.4 GHz and 5dBi gain if you need a base station antenna for your application.


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